2016 Documented Life Project: August


Next up, it's August in my 2016 Documented Life Project. Almost feels like August in Tallahassee this week! This first spread actually includes the last July challenge on the left, which was add a border. I used a trusty magazine page as the base and then added a few things from there.


The first week of August brought the FSU Circus Camp, so we had to include a couple pictures! The photo on the bottom is of Liv's wrists, her tape proof that she flew on the high flying trapeze. She was a natural! She's looking forward to going back to Circus Camp this summer. Sarah preferred to stay a little closer to the ground. :-)


The next challenge was layers of stencils. I've got two layers of papers and three layers of stencils here, topped off with some gelatos for color.


The next challenge was collage. I love those little tiny photos you can print from what used to be called Printstagram and I think is now called Social Print Studio. Anywho, you can print your Instagram pictures there and they come out so cute! I have a little collection of them. This week was the first week of 8th grade for the girlies!



The next challenge was self portrait. I'm not one for selfies by myself, but I love them with my girls. This photo was taken after one of our weekly Moe's Mondays with Mama dates.


And the last challenge for August was to repeat a pattern. I recall that I have several layers on this page from covering up things I didn't like. Proof that you can always save something when you think it's too far gone! I like the way it ended up. I wrote a little note on the bottom to remind me of Liv and I sitting out on the front sidewalk studying some ants for a good hour. Those are some strong little buggers that can carry things 100 times their size!

I'll post September next week! For more 2016 Documented Life Project spreads, click here. For 2015, click here, and for 2014, click here. Be sure to visit the Art to the 5th ladies to see what they have going on! They are the creators of this project!

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