Earrings, Earrings Everywhere!

365 Somethings Week 2-3

I've been needing to clean up my bead board, so I got busy with some sweet little earrings this week. It started with beads I had on my board and went from there! I haven't done wire forming like this in a while, so it was fun to get back to this, if not a little hard on the fingers! I use pliers for the initial forming and then use my fingers to get the shaping uniform. I've also forgotten how fulfilling it is to work in a series! I'll have these listed in my Etsy shop soon, but until then, if you see a pair you'd love to have, just shoot me an email at happyshackdesigns at yahoo dot com. They are $30.

365 Somethings Week 2-1

365 Somethings Week 2-2

365 Somethings Week 2-4

365 Somethings Week 2-5

365 Somethings Week 2-6

365 Somethings Week 2-7

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Daisy Yellow said...

Kelly! I'm so happy that you have jumped into the 365 Somethings project. It does feel good to launch a fresh start into creative work. Good luck!!!

Kelly Warren said...

Thanks for stopping in, Tammy!

Sandi Smith said...

Those are all beautiful, Kelly. You do awesome work!
Sandi Smith

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