Best Shot Monday: Scruffy


So, this is Scruffy. I've shared the anatomy of a shelter shoot before here. Sometimes, though, I meet those dogs that just don't fit into my standard practices of getting happy faces! This guy was one of them. He's a scruffy little terrier, thus his name, and he didn't even much want to come out of his kennel...unless I carried him. Then he was perfectly happy to be carried around like a prince.

Once we were outside in the play yard, he explored a little bit, but he did not venture far from me. I've mentioned velcro dogs before, like Scarlett here. Well Scruffy brought that to a whole new level. He refused to let me photograph him unless he was actually sitting on top of me. Thus, this close up! This shot is not cropped. I use a 35mm prime lens at the shelter, and he was actually this close! I was sitting down on my knees, leaning back as far as I could, while Scruffy was actually on my knees. Not an easy angle! Little fellas like him are adopted quickly, and sure enough, he was adopted shortly after I took his photo.  Adopt your new best friend from your area animal shelter today! 


peggy gatto said...

Sweet guy!!!

Kelly Warren said...

He sure was, Peggy! Thanks for stepping in today!