Best Shot Monday: Adam, Ellie, and Tallahassee Big Dog Rescue


This little cutie is Adam. He was rescued by Tallahassee Big Dog Rescue as part of their Hurricane Michael rescue efforts. TBDR pulled about a dozen dogs from shelters evacuating animals in preparation for the storm. He is a beautiful little brindle pug mix puppy. He is approximately five months old, currently 15 pounds, and will likely be a small to medium-sized fella when fully grown. His foster mom shares that he is a happy guy who loves people and loves to sleep next to you on the couch while you watch TV. He is dog friendly and gets along with the several other dogs at his foster mom's house, sleeps quietly at night, and walks well on a leash. Visit Tallahassee Big Dog Rescue for more information!

I shoot for TBDR once or twice a month during their twice monthly events at PetSmart, and since TBDR allows kids to volunteer, my girls get to help me. It's challenging! When I'm shooting for the shelter, there are fenced play yards in which I can take the dogs off leash and let them play, which makes for great pictures! For TBDR, we are a little more limited. PetSmart opens up the back door for me, so we walk the dogs out back into a little grassy area, but we have to leave them on leash. This past Saturday, there were a lot of large trucks back there coming and going from collecting hurricane debris, so it was pretty hectic, and a little frightening for some of the dogs. Adam here was fine. However, we had an escapee in Ellie! We hadn't even gotten her over to our spot when a truck went by, spooked her, and she quickly turned her head in just the right way to maneuver right out of her collar, and BOOM! she was gone like a lightning bolt! My daughter Sarah and one other volunteer took off running after her behind Home Depot, while my daughter Olivia and I went through PetSmart and out front to run in front of Home Depot and meet around the side, hoping one or the other of us could grab her! Luckily, Ellie ended up amongst some sod pallets on the side of Home Depot and just stopped and sat down, very confused and very tired. That allowed speedy Sarah to catch up and pick her up and carry her back. Thankfully! Here's Ellie below, being held by TBRD founder DeeAnn Brady after her escape attempt.  She is also a Hurricane Michael evacuee available for adoption.


Tallahassee Big Dog Rescue pulls dogs from the City of Tallahassee Animal Service Center as well as several small rural shelters around Tallahassee, in both north Florida and South Georgia. They've even pulled dogs from Missouri and on up farther north in larger need cases and are an all-volunteer, all-donor funded organization. Check them out and donate if you can!

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