Best Shot Monday: Uncle Mike!

Uncle Mike_A1119478

We were home in Jacksonville for Thanksgiving week, so I was able to spend a couple days volunteering at my home shelter. Jacksonville's Animal Care & Protective Services will always be home for me! I shared a little bit why that is in this post. I really fell in love with this guy this week, Uncle Mike, horribly cropped ears and all. Doesn't he have the best smile? He's a little on the short and stubby side and seems a cross between a baby hippo and a land manatee. Wherever he came from, he seems to have not lacked for a meal! He was just so incredibly sweet and wanted nothing more than to roll over in my lap and get belly rubs. Good for my soul, these pups! Go find your volunteer passion! Maybe yours is volunteering with animals as well!

Uncle Mike_A1119478(2)