Handmade Book Club: Paired Needle Coptic Stitch


I stumbled across Ali Manning and Vintage Page Designs on Instagram late last summer and was immediately smitten!  Ali is an amazing book artist up in Massachusetts.  I joined her newsletter and started closely following her on Instagram, and thankfully right about that time, she sent out a query to her newsletter subscribers to see if we had any interest in creating a handmade book club of sorts. Clearly, many of us said, "Yes, please!!!" and Ali's Handmade Book Club was born.


This is the first book I made as part of the group.  It's a paired needed coptic stitch, which I learned before from Lori Vleigen, but there was a little twist in the way Ali did this with a thick book board cover that I had never seen before.  I just made one book from that lesson since I was crunched for time (as you know I always am....), but I'm really happy with the method and my little book. This is a wee one at 3" by 2 3/4".  More to come! 


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