Treasures Found...

Back in June, I told you about my anniversary bracelet that I lost that's the initial post. Well, look what turned up!

We always take the rear seats and the car seats out of the van for my arts festivals, and when we finally got around to putting them back in a week after the San Marco show, this is what we found. Livvie takes the credit, as when DH was shaking the Cherrios out of her seat, the bracelet shook out instead, and she ran upstairs to give it to me. Let me tell you, I am one happy camper. I guess something this special had to turn back up somewhere... again, since this was actually the second time it's been lost and found. The first time I lost it, it only had two charms on it and I lost it in Lake Tahoe. Believe it or not, we found it in the gutter just outside our hotel. I guess I better not lose it again. Time for a new clasp.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What GREAT news! wtg Livvie! Yep, I agree - time for a new, STRONGER clasp.