Mix it Up Monday: Making Books with the Girlies

Kelly's Book-Girls Day Play 2
Front Cover and Spine
Two weekends ago, Benny went to the Penn State/Alabama game, so the girlies and I had a weekend at home alone together. It's on these weekends that we like to tackle bigger projects, so this particular weekend, we made books.

Kelly's Book-Girls Day Play 4
Front Cover
This is my book. The covers are made from canvas board which I painted with acrylic paints and stenciled and sprayed with various inks. The spine is made from some leftover duck cloth I had laying around, and the signatures are made from Canson mixed media paper. I sewed the signatures in with a butterfly stitch using tan waxed linen thread.

Kelly's Book-Girls Day Play 3
Back Cover
The eyelash yarn is strictly for fun! I started with the tail at the top of the book and then wrapped the yarn through the center of each signature, tieing it back at the top. It adds that little bit of Kelly bling that I have to have in everything I do. :-)  I'll share Sarah's and Olivia's books with you later this week. They each want their own blog post!

Kelly's Book-Girls Day Play 1
Spine with eyelash yarn


Leah Virsik said...

This is great Kelly! Love your Kelly bling and that your daughters each want their own post!

Whitney said...

Everyone needs a little Kelly bling in their life!

Anonymous said...

Of course the girlies want their own posts! We can never have enough of your talent, so why not with your mini-mees too =-)

And the eyelash yarn is what makes it pop for me! Every book should have it, in my opinion...