Making A Move...

Tallahassee graffiti 
This beautiful bit of Tallahassee graffiti is just one block up College Avenue from my office. It was painted by the FSU department of Art Education, and I love it! I'm enjoying having an office smack dab downtown and so close to my alma mater. So far in my journey of transitioning to my new job in Tallahassee, I've been living in a little apartment while I look for a house for the family. And guess what? We found that house! It's a great house with a super laid back owner in the school district we wanted for the girls. It's actually bigger than our home in Jacksonville, but alas, there is no river in the backyard. We'll have to paint mural on the back fence!

Benny and the girls are on their way over to Tallahassee as I write this, so we'll do the Springtime Tallahassee Arts Jubilee tomorrow and then move my things here in the apartment over to the house on Sunday.  That'll give me a couple months to get a feel for the house and neighborhood before the family moves over this summer.  As Sarah says, we're all still "nervousited," but I'm looking forward to this time of working half the week in Tallahassee and half the week from home in Jacksonville to be over.  As much as I'll miss living in Jacksonville, I'm ready for us all to be back in the same place all week!  A very dear friend of mind will be living in our home once we fully make the move this summer.  She travels quite a bit so that'll give us the opportunity to come back home and enjoy our happy little shack on the river once a month or so.    

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