Best Shot Monday: Meet Layla


Meet Layla. I first photographed this sweet Jacksonville ACPS gal back in December when we were home for Christmas. She was undergoing heart worm treatment at the time, so I had to keep her on her leash. Even then though, she seemed like a sweet girl. Well, her heart worm treatment is complete, and she can be leash free in the play yards now. But no matter! She just wanted to crawl right up in my lap!

The entire time we were outside this morning, she was stuck to me like glue. Such a lover. She's an incredibly affectionate girl who just wants to be by your side. She hasn't learned to play with other dogs yet, but now that her heart worm treatment is complete, the great staff there at ACPS is going to work with her to help her learn that she can love her four-legged friends too. If she could talk, I think she'd probably have a sad story to tell you, but now that she's back to healthy and safe, I know her forever family is out there looking for her. Is it you? She's available for adoption at Jacksonville's Animal Care and Protective Services.

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