Best Shot Monday and 365 Somethings Project


Happy New Year! I hope this January 1, 2018, finds you in good spirits and ready to roll into this new year with hope and excitement. We've been home in Jacksonville for the Christmas holidays, so I spent this first morning of 2018 at the shelter. It was darn cold, wet, and windy, but we suffered through for a couple hours! This sweet fella here is Billy. He's a bit frustrated in his kennel (and again, wouldn't you be?), but take him outside to enjoy the fresh air and play a bit and he's loads of fun. He was the best fetcher of the week! He's available for adoption at Jacksonville's Animal Care and Protective Services.

I've been seeing so many "new year" projects come across my Facebook and Instagram feeds and even into my email inbox from my artsy friends. I know that I need to do something to get my creativity back on track in a more manageable fashion, and the email I received from Hanna describing her 365 Somethings Project stuck with me. I've been thinking about it for a few days, and her words really rang true for me. I know I can't commit to making time and space in my head and schedule to create something every single day. But I think I can commit to creating seven somethings a week, not necessarily every day.  I also know I have the attention span of a gnat, so I won't even begin to say what those somethings will be as I envision it will be a variety of somethings, rather than the same somethings. Make sense? For example, while I first felt like I haven't done anything creative while we've been home for the break, when I thought about it, I've certainly been creating photographs. Billy and his nearly 30 friends I've photographed for the shelter this week and last are proof of that! And while binge watching The Hunger Games movies with the Daily Dose of Awesomeness yesterday, I picked up a cross-stitch project I've been working on since, um, 2012. But hey, I'm almost done with it now! So thanks, Hanna, for the inspiration. I will be joining you for your 365 Somethings Project, and I will be doing my level best to post my somethings weekly, most on Instagram here and here.  If you'd like to join in, pop over to see Hanna and join me! 

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iHanna said...

Thanks Kelly, for joining and your nice words! I have a habit tracker, and it it I simply have a line for "being creative" and even on days when I feel like I've done nothing, I often get to check that row, especially when I think about my knitting, writing, photography, painting, doodles etc. etc. Being creative comes in many forms, and I feel sure you can do a whole year of creative somethings!