Best Shot Monday: Meet Miley!


Meet Miley! I spent some time at Jacksonville's Animal Care & Protective Services today walking the dogs and doing their glamour shots. This girl, Miley, stole my heart. She was the last dog I took out, and she was soooooo patient! She'd see me walk by to sanitize my hands between dogs, so she saw a lot of me before I finally got to her (I photographed 28 dogs today!). And she just sat there wagging her tail the entire time like she was saying, "Okay! Me next, right!? Me, next?" She was easy to leash and super sweet outside. She's about 11 years old, and based on her A number, this is not her first time at the shelter. Her notes said she came in as a stray, and I just can't imagine someone letting this sweet gal get away. Have a place in your heart and home for a super sweet senior gal? Miley is your girl!

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