Update on Donna and Gabi: Good News!

Checked in with Jennie this weekend to see how Donna and Gabi are doing. Good news! Gabi is back in school and doing great. Donna's progressing well too. (For initial details on Donna and Gabi, see my "What Matters Most" post.) Here's what Jennie had to say: "Hi Kelly! All is well here. Thanks for checking in about Donna. She is doing better and better each week. She went to the doctor on January 8th and they, unfortunately, did not remove the halo. Needless to say she was devastated. Two weeks later one of the screws came loose again and she had to go in for a tightening, which is very painful. They were unable to tighten the halo any furthur without going into the skull, which in turn would have caused major infections. THEY TOOK IT OFF THAT DAY!!! However, she is in a plastic collar for about 8 weeks. She is trying to do more now. She cooked dinner two days last week and she is cooking today. She is in the car each day with her mom as her mom drives the kids to school. She actually even went to Bealls for a little needed shopping. Her spirits are high and low. Mostly high. She is grateful, but is now figuring out some limitations that she thought may be just a problem due to the halo and harness. I have no doubts that she will overcome most of them with continued day to day activities. She expresses to me weekly how lucky I am to have such good friends that also reached out to her and her family in BIG ways." Donna's church is still accepting donations to help them with them medical costs. If you'd like to make a donation, email me and I'll send you the information.

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