ACEO of the Week

Got home from the St. Augustine Seafood Festival earlier this evening....note to self: "seafood" festival does not equate to "arts" festival, no matter what the literature says (unless it's the Amelia Island Shrimp Festival), but more on that later once I get some rest tonight! I found a couple lovely little ACEO's waiting for me when I got home. This is my newest favorite, my fourth by Vivian Markum. I just love her cats! This one, named Jupiter, is highlighted in 24K gold leaf. Not sure if that comes through very well here, but he's truly beautiful! Check out more of Vivian's work here. If you aren't familiar with ACEO's yet, they are remarkable little works of original art the size of a standard baseball trading card. Start your own collection by searching ACEO artists on ebay here. They're a great, affordable way to collect original art. But I'll warn you! They are addicting!

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