Sunday, November 18, 2007

Taking Chances and Learning New Things!

I have news! I'm included in the 2007 BussBuss Holiday Shopping Guide for Her! BussBuss is "the online shopping Bible" so we'll see how many followers I gain from it. For the secret BussBuss Happy Shack Designs sale code, visit BussBuss here, find the Holiday Shopping Guide for Her, and then find me! It's a little treasure hunt!

And as for learning new things, a few of my students have finally convinced me to do a MySpace page (yes, I really needed just one more thing to keep up with...) So if you are a MySpacer, check me out and let's get on each others friends' list. Find me here.

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1 comment:

Wyanne said...

BussBuss is very cool, and your earrings look great. You should do really well! Enjoyed lunch and meeting you the other day. We'll have to do it again soon. Wy