Thursday, December 20, 2007

Furniture is Arriving...

I finished the floors on the dollhouse last night and will be working on the molding today (in between completing one showstopper bracelet and showstopper necklace order that came in at the last minute...yeah!). This beautiful little armoire arrived in my mailbox yesterday. It's even prettier in person. The doors open to see all the little trinkets she included, which are thankfully attached to the shelves so they don't get lost. I found it on Etsy, of course. Made by Miss M. Turner of Phoenix Fire Designs, it'll make a lovely addition to one of the rooms. Or all but the kitchen, I guess, as I'm sure the girls will be redecorating daily. :-) See more of Miss M.'s work here on Etsy and here on her website. And no, I did not pay $999 for this piece! I think that's just how Miss M. keeps her work in her shop to show everyone what she can do. I have my eye on a couple other pieces on Etsy but I'm waiting until after Christmas to get those.

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SurfacetoAirMedia said...

That is precious! I love it!!!