Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saturday in Gainesville Creative Every Day...

Finally getting back to the jewelry bench to fulfill some custom orders and a Creative Every Day entry. This is my "Saturday in Gainesville" bracelet that I get quite a few requests for. Being a Florida State grad, I like to joke that I have to charge a little more for these because they are so painful for me to make. :-) Just completed this one for Michelle F., who like me is a Florida State grad....but she married into a University of Florida family! My DH is an Alabama fan and my father-in-law is a die-hard Gator, so I'm outnumbered around here too. My sister went to UF as well, but she doesn't really give a hoot about sports so we're fine there! That allowed my dad to remain a loyal Florida State fan when Kim went to Florida. Anywho, I can do "Saturday in...", or "Sunday in ..." for you NFL fans, in just about any color scheme. Just let me know what you'll looking for and we'll figure out a way to make it happen!

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ELLIE said...

I just have to admit - I am a die hard Gator hunnie is a die hard seminole fan...we even named our cats gator and seminole...we have stuff all over our house with gators and seminoles on - makes for an interesting household all together -
I so LOVE the bracelet...I will have to put that on my wish list for christmas - because it would take my hunnie that long to save money to get it for me...(we live on his retirement and my disability) but one day I will get me
gotta have it!!!
It is beautiful!!!

Tiff said...

Your stuff is too cute! you are one talented momma!

Kelly said...

Thanks Ellie and Tiff!