Wednesday, February 20, 2008

TTV Photography by Suzanne Clements

I've always enjoyed playing around with photography and lately I've become intrigued with TTV photography. TTV stands for "through-the-viewfinder". This blog post has a good description of it; it points to another blog post with a tutorial. I must try this! But first, that would mean I'd have to have an old camera! The oldest I currently have is a circa 1985 35mm Pentax I got in college. Speaking of "circa", have you ever seen that Antiques Roadshow commercial in which the wife asks the husband, "Have you set the circa 1994 timing device with plastic casing and LED lettering?" That cracks me up. I realize I may be the only person who feels that way but I will admit to being an Antiques Roadshow junkie. :-) But, I digress...

Back to the photography, until I can find an old camera, I've been enjoying TTV photography done by great photographers I've found on Etsy. Suzanne Clements' work really caught my eye. Isn't this gorgeous? She has quite a few lovely shots in her Etsy store here. I hope to put my camera to good use over the next few days photographing some new jewelry pieces I've completed, so stay tuned!

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1 comment:

Wyanne said...

I have 2 cameras!!! Look no farther. :) Love, Wy