Friday, March 21, 2008

A Child's Look at Easter

This cartoon really cracked me up. I will admit it took me a minute to "get” it. Anyone else admit to that? Sarah and Olivia have been playing Easter all week. Last weekend we had to turn two Kentucky Fried Chicken buckets into Easter baskets for school; took a couple layers of paint to cover Col. Sanders, but the girls had fun. They had an Easter party and egg hunt at school yesterday. It’s been nice having them in a faith-based school because they’ve also been learning about the true meaning behind Easter all this week. Every night at dinner, I ask the girls about their favorite thing at school for the day. Most often, Livvie’s is “playing in centers”…you know, the art center, the book center, the science center… and she’ll tell me her favorite center of the day and what she did. The other night Sarah said her favorite thing that day was her nap. “Your nap?” I said, and she said, “Yes, Mommy, my nap! I had a dream!” I asked, “Who did you dream about?”, and then she frantically pointed straight up. So since they’ve been talking about Easter, I assumed she meant the Guy in the Sky, so I said, “You dreamed about Jesus?” And she enthusiastically shook her head yes. “Well, what was Jesus doing in your dream, Sarah?” “Mommy! He was helping me hunt Easter eggs!” Fun to see how a child can still connect the true meaning behind a religious holiday back to the fun of childhood.

DH’s extended family has a big Easter gathering down at their lake house in Keystone Heights every year, so we’re looking forward to that. Lots of food, fun, visiting with family, and a very large Easter egg hunt. The property sits on about 20 acres, and every family brings at least two dozen eggs to hide. We usually have about 30 kids participating, with an area of easier to find eggs roped off for the four-and-under bunch. We also do a "prize egg", which is raw and hidden in the big kids section. Everyone puts money in the prize egg pot, and whoever finds the prize egg gets all the money in the pot....right after they get the egg broken over their head! The Granddad (my dad) is even coming up from South Florida for the weekend and going with us! Enjoy your weekend with your families.

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e. beck said...

we were blowing eggs today to get them ready to color .... and i broke two in my hands accidentally ...i'd hate to have one broken over my head ... ew gross!!!!

Kelly said...

me either! but given that the prize egg pot is usually about $200, most of the kids are happy to have a little egg in their hair! :-)

Anonymous said...

Will DH's family adopt me? $200? WOW! :)