Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rock-a-Bye Billy and Quick Tip

I listed some new pieces on the website this week so go check them out! This, however, named Rock-a-Bye Billy, was not one of them. My customer and friend Shannon E. bought it before it even made it to the website. I just wanted to share it here because I liked it so much. Love that blue and aqua combination. Shannon also sent me a great tip for you Happy Shack jewelry fans. Shannon has several showstopper bracelets. Recently she was on a trip and remembered to bring her bracelets but forgot to bring any necklaces. She came up with a great solution! She hooked two bracelets together and wore them as a necklace, turning the bracelet with the proper color scheme to match her outfit to the front. Her hair hid the bracelet in back. What a great idea, Shannon!

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