Monday, March 17, 2008

Dogs, Dogs Everywhere!--Krajewski and Ives

I discovered Ron Krajewski’s Dog Art Studio just before Christmas. I had drawn my step-brother’s name for gift-giving and he likes art and has a Viszla. Not easy finding Viszla art, but I finally found Ron on Ebay. Then a few weeks ago, one of my buddies in our North Florida Craft Revolution Etsy Team got a Chihuahua puppy and another member of our group sent her a link to a Chihuahua print on our Etsy conversation thread. You know how I love dog art, so I followed the link. It was by Ron Krajewski! On Etsy! So I took a look at his work again and came across this one. It's an 8 x 10 print that looks just like Isabelle so I had to have it...

...Because it will go so nicely with this dashing little beagle! He's a 10 x 10 original done in acrylics and oils. You see I really do have an addiction! I’ve been collecting Rebecca Ives’ ACEO’s for over a year now and every now and then she’ll post a larger original painting (what's an ACEO?). When this arrived at our door, DH asked when I had ever owned a Beagle, knowing the answer was never. So what, I had to have him anyway. DH and I have been planning on doing some redecorating for a while now…just as soon as we can agree on which couch we like and what color we are going to paint the walls (this discussion has been ongoing for three months now). So as soon as we solve that dilemma, I plan on having a dog art corner where all my lovely little two-dimensional furballs will live. It’s going to be marvelous!

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