Friday, July 25, 2008

Behind the Camera: Big Talbot Island State Park

I had a bit of an adventure yesterday afternoon. Our Student Center on campus is actually the ground floor of a parking garage….a parking garage that little birds love to nest in! Yesterday, my assistant came into my office with this forlorn look on her face and asked me if BEAKS was still open.

BEAKS is a wildlife sanctuary that will take all sorts of critters, but specializes in birds. Angie had found a baby bird that had fallen out its nest. She called them and said that BEAKS would take the baby, but it was all the way out on Big Talbot Island. Then she gave me that look. Yes, all the way on Big Talbot Island was a heck of a long way for her to go, since she lives 15 miles south of campus and Big Talbot Island is about 30 miles northeast of campus. So guess who lives exactly 22 miles northeast of campus? That’s why she gave me that look. “Yes, Angie, I’ll take the bird out there.”

Big Talbot Island is a state park, so I took the opportunity to take some pictures. This first shot is the road that BEAKS is on. It’s just off AIA on Houston St. Isn’t it gorgeous? DH and I actually looked at some property on this road before we bought the property we built our house on. Incredibly beautiful land with massive live oaks. The second shot is at the mouth of Ft. George Inlet. I truly am blessed to live so close to such beautiful places.

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