Monday, July 28, 2008

Support Etsy for Animals with Nanjodogz!

So have you noticed the new Etsy Mini I added over there in the right hand column? The one for Etsy for Animals? Etsy for Animals (EFA) is a great Etsy street team I’m involved in. The only criteria for joining the group is to be an Etsy seller committed to the well-being of our animal friends. Most of us also try to donate a portion of our Etsy sales to the EFA charity of the month as well. So! To help bump up those numbers, I’m going to start featuring a couple EFA members here on the Happy Shack blog every month. Some months I may do one a week; some months it may be every other week! Just depends on what’s happening around the Shack! So for now, go over and take a look at Nancy Richardson’s shop Nanjodogz! Nancy creates the cutest little polymer clay dogs, beads and artwork. I particularly like her tiles, like the one pictured here. When I was a little girl, we had a German Shepard named Cindy and a bloodhound named Rover; they were quite the pair, and quite a large pair to a little girl! Visit Nancy’s store here and be sure to check out the Etsy for Animals store here, where 100% of the sales go to EFA animal charities.

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mvegan said...

Sooo wonderful, thank you for featuring EFA! This post will be linked to on the EFA blog - in our publicity section, thanks!