Sunday Evening Shopping Spree: Fannie Narte

I was blog hopping the other night and came across Fannie Narte. Can’t remember whose blog led me to her, but thank you! Her art is whimsical, fun and inspirational all wrapped up in one. Her Etsy store is full of little lovelies like this one, and her website features galleries of all her designs. The variety in her work is incredible, including everything from ATCs and ACEOs to fabric postcards to art quilts to mixed media like the piece featured here. She also does some beautiful journals, one of which may be on its way to my house soon! Her Artist Statement on her website spoke to me as well: “Imagine a shy and homely girl, who did not have opinions of her own, whose perceptions and values were borrowed from a community of international cultures, and who saw colors in a rainbow and in flowers—not in one’s skin. Imagine a young woman who discovered her name had a meaning, and the world defined her by her culture—not by her character. Imagine a young mother who wanted to create an environment that was safe, where ideas are allowed, where culture is nourished, where service is encouraged, and where love is the music of the home. Imagine an artist, who interprets her life’s experiences by creating works of art which invite one to ponder the ideas of diversity, unity, labels, acceptance, generosity, understanding, music and love. If you can imagine . . . then, perhaps, you may discover my definition of ‘Home.’” Lovely, don’t you agree? Visit Fannie’s Etsy store here, here website here, and her blog here. You’ll be inspired!

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Regina said...

Hi Kelly,
maybe you found Fannie thru my blog because I have been a huge fan of hers for almost as long as I've been blogging. She is amazing. She made & donates her art quilts to raise funds for Alzheimer's research. Last year she made one to honor my Dad & another to honor my Grandma who both had Alzheimer's disease.
You'll love what you get from her.