Friday, January 27, 2012

Art Journal Play

January 14 Art Journal page

I've been making some long-stitch sewn books using Arches Text Wove 100% cotton rag paper for the signatures and decided that before I made too many using this paper, I better see how well the paper holds up to wet media. I'd say rather well!

This was a scrap piece of the paper left over from making my signatures.  I used Adirondack color wash spray inks, acrylic paint, pigment stamp ink, and Dr. Martin's acrylic ink (the yellow), and the paper seemed to hold up rather well.  I don't think it's heavy enough to use for a book cover--I'm using inked and painted watercolor paper for those--but it looks like it'll work great for the signatures.  I'll share some photos of the books with you as soon as I get around to photographing them!  Lately, I've just been sewing them, taking out the sewing, and then sewing them again just to get the stitch pattern ingrained in my brain.  As I was cutting one set of stitches out last night, Sarah came running over and yelled, "Mama!  What are you doing!? Why are you ruining you book!?"  All in the learning process, my dear!


Kate said...

Really nice page -- love the colors! And Arches textwove is my "go to" choice of paper. Enjoy!

Lisa Graham Art said...

This is really pretty Kelly...such a pleasant purple.

Becky Shander said...

Sewing paper is one of my favorite things to do also. I like how this material is inexpensive - this gives me permission to explore more freely. I can see you've been having fun letting go also.

Garage said...

Small scraps peacise on the art is look really wonderful and amazing.This art and creation look really amazing.