Project 365: February 29-March 6

I concentrated on faces this week, primarily furry ones!

February 29: These geese hang out at our lake near the front of campus. That one in the middle seems to be sharing a little attitude...

March 1: This is my sweet Molly. We adopted her from the Humane Society, broken and abused, a little over two years ago. She's now a happy, healthy member of our family. Here's her story.

March 2: This is Marshall! Isn't that the best dog face you've ever seen!?! I met him and his mom Leah at the Riverside Arts Market.

March 3: And another beauty from the arts market. He seems to be just chillin'.

March 4: And another little cutie from RAM. This little gal fit in the palm of my hand.

March 5: This is my sweet Isabelle, Molly's big sister. She will be five in May.

March 6: And another of my beauties...with her little furry friend. Thanks for stopping in!  See all my Project 365 posts here.  


lori vliegen said...

all your furry little friends are adorable.....but that last photo especially tugs at the ol' heartstrings! precious!! hope you have a happy weekend, sweetie pea!! xox

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet kelly, these photos are just pure joy to see!! Your little girl is so beautiful. :) Have a lovely merry happy sunday and love to you!

Norwegianstitch said...

What a lovely blog you got there :o)

Regards Linda

Kelly Warren said...

Thanks so much for stopping in Lori, Jacqueline and Linda!

codice promozione said...

All different type of dog pics collections are so beautiful.All dog are so different look but all are so cute.Thanx to share with us this pics.