A Little Book for Mermaids

Scrap Book Cover-72
Front Cover
The girlies and I have been getting ready our Mermaids and Mamas mini camp tomorrow! I think we may make some journals like this one. I made this basically from scraps. The three different sections of spray painting are from three different sheets that I cut down for another journal. I simply collaged them on to a piece of watercolor paper and added in the script scraps for contrast.
Scrapbook Back-72
Back Cover
The signatures are mixed media paper left over from another project as well, sewn in with a butterfly stitch. Overall, the little book is about 4" x 6". I've recently joined the Art Abandonment group on Facebook, so I think I just might abandon this one somewhere when we finish with Mermaids and Mamas tomorrow! 
  Scrapbook Spine-72


aimee said...

Kelly, these are beautiful! I hope you had a great camp day today!

Kelly Warren said...

Thanks Aimee!