Memory Loss and Frantic Searches

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It's amazing what you find when you do a major cleaning! This time around, I came across a whole little bag of sterling wire clasps I vaguely recall making over one weekend at least two years or so ago (this would also explain the 16 gauge sterling wire I have but couldn't remember why I bought...).  Not sure why I never used them, so now that I've rediscovered them I'm finally working them into bracelets.   I have nearly a dozen new bracelets I'll be loading into my Etsy shop and website over the next few days. 

Somedays I do feel like my memory is leaving me.  I'm getting more and more scatterbrained. Not sure if it's just a case of my brain being too full or if I'm showing early Alzheimer's symptoms (certainly hope it's not the latter as that's what I lost my grandmother to).  Case in point: a couple weekends ago, the girls and I went to the Avondale Arts Festival here in Jacksonville.  We stopped at the food booths to get some treats. Olivia wanted ice cream and Sarah wanted a cupcape, and since these were in neighboring booths, I pulled out my wallet to give Livvie $5 to get her ice cream and then I waited in line with Sarah.  When it was time to pay for Sarah's cupcake, my wallet was nowhere to be found.  I frantically searched my purse (guy next to me said "Dump everything out! That's what my wife has to do!"), looked all over the ground, asked Livvie if she had it, nothing.  The cupcake girl said, "Don't you worry, sweetie, you go ahead and take this one on me. Go find your wallet."  The girls helped me look and were beginning to panic. Then I found it. Know where it was?  Tucked under my arm the entire time.  No joke.  Does that sound like a woman who is losing it?  I felt a little better when the girls said they couldn't see it there either, but hey, it was under MY ARM.  You would think I would have felt it, right?  It's a thick little wallet, not filled with cash, but rather all my daily lunch haunt frequent visitor cards!  But no, it was at least five panicked minutes before I realized the darn thing was tucked under my own arm. 

Am I the only one losing her mind? 


Jen @ By Jen ❤️ said...

I completely relate to the memory loss/scatterbrained syndrome. As much as I hate to say it, my mind has never been the same since having my two girls. It could just be the crazy amount of stuff I find myself responsible for, or inspired by, at any given moment. Hopefully that's it because I, too, fear early Alzheimer's. Just know, you're not alone.

Lorie said...

Kelly, we're all just trying to do too much, and stuff so much in our heads. I am constantly trying to remember things, there's just so much in there!! It all eventually comes to me, sometimes it just takes a while. :-)) xo

Moobamoo said...

I listened to a great podcast from NPR (I think it was) a while ago that helps me feel better when I have similar lapses. The point was that we are in the era of such monumental multi-tasking, information processing, and incoming data that our gray matter can't process it all effectively. The researcher they interviewed said it may be another generation or two before our brains evolve to the point that we can process such a load efficiently. That made me feel much better!

Kelly Warren said...

Jen, I agree on the kids part...I definitely started having more of these memory issues when the girls were born.

Lorie, we are, aren't we!?!! Sometimes I have to remind myself to breath! :-)

Moo, that is so true. Even when you think about the advances in technology in the last five years, it's a bit mindboggling. I still have my very first cell phone in my desk, just as a reminder of how things have changed. It's a Nokia, and it's about the size of an old fashioned telephone receiver with a large antenna on the end! It's huge!

Unknown said...

I just finished reading a great book about early onset Alzheimers called Still Alice. Very interesting book. I lost my grandmother to Dementia, it gave me new perspective and appreciation of how people suffering from these disorders feel and cope.

aimee said...

Kelly, this happens to me all the time, and I'm sure it is just a case of having too much to do! Our minds can only follow so many tracks at once -- and when our kids are with us, so much of our energy (most of it subconsciously) is invested in knowing where they are and making sure they are OK. In the past week I've run the washer with no clothes in it, left the car keys in the front seat all night long (unlocked and totally ripe for the taking), lost more things than I can count and wore my shirt inside out. Any time you feel like you're losing it, just come & check with me, and you'l feel normal again!