Best Shot Monday: Barnsley Daisy

Barnsley Daisy

You know when you are traveling down the highway and you see a random sign directing you to some random non-commercial destination? Especially those that direct you to sites of historic significance? If I have the time, I just have to follow those signs. While we were driving up to see Aunt Livy, we passed the sign for Barnsley Gardens about an hour north of Atlanta. It was pouring down rain at the time, so we decided that on the way home, we would check it out.  So glad we did!  Very beautiful place! 

It was definitely off the beaten path.  Once we got off the interstate, we traveled several back roads, when out in the middle of nowhere appear this magical place.  A resort has been built up around the historic grounds, but it's very well done:  no hi-rise hotels, just small villas and clusters of rooms scattered in the woods. There was horseback riding, fishing, skeet shooting, pheasant and quail hunting, and amazing gardens.  We were most interested in the historic section and the gardens, where we found these daisies. The historic section includes the remains of the Barnsley mansion, and we enjoyed exploring the ruins and walking through the museum.

So the next time you are on I-75 about halfway between Atlanta and Chattanooga, follow that sign. Get out and stretch your legs, wander the gardens, and drink in the beauty of this place. You won't regret it.  

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