The Moments: Day 16, Some Special Journals

Baxley Books

These books went out in the mail today to the two special ladies I told you about in this post. My girls and I have been keeping Vanessa and Blaine in our prayers daily and wanted to make them something special to create some fun in while working through Blaine's treatment and the loss of Lance. I make these journals from books taken out of circulation from our campus library. Our librarians know not to send anything to the book recycler until I come take a look!  These started out as part of a 36-volume Shakespeare research set printed in 1969.  I pull out the original pages, create some art for the covers, and then sew in new signatures with either mixed media paper or water color paper. These two have water color paper in them, so Vanessa and Blaine can get as messy as they'd like to!

I posted these on Instagram today for The Moments challenge, but I wanted to give you the full shot here on the blog.  Jump in on Daisy Yellow's The Moments challenge and share a moment from your day every day in October.  


Quiltin' Mama said...

You have a kind and generous heart- creative too! I am sure that the beautiful books will bring warmth and comfort to the receivers.

Leeayn said...

Those are awesome! I love it that they are upcycled old books. I aspire to making things like that, but somehow never get there! Good for you!