2016 Documented Life Project: April


Welcome to April for the Documented Life Project: the unPlanner! (I'll catch up eventually!) This left side actually shows the last challenge in March, which was to leave white space, not something I'm very good at! And in the spirit of using up what's around me, this photo of mine has been sitting on my bench for months. In they go.  It's called "Family Reunion" and is available in my Etsy shop here.



Since I've been doing the challenges on the backs of the calendar pages, I'm left with a random back that comes after the divider for the month, on the left here. I used inks, stencils, and flowers cut out of an old calendar here, along with some fun paper doilies. I included the church bulletin for the week as well. That week ended with our state tennis tournament, at which I played the role of photographer. It kept me busy and I really enjoyed it! I've never photographed a tennis tournament before! You can see our photos from the tournament here!



The next two challenges were use "black and white" and "draw/paint a face." I had fun with the black and white page, starting with a piece of black and white scrapbook paper, adding white doodles to it, and then collaging the black and white fish. The pink behind them helped them pop out. For the "draw/paint a face" challenge, I took the liberty of me NOT drawing or painting a face but rather sharing some faces Olivia painted when she was five years old. These two have been sitting amongst my stash for a while just waiting for the right opportunity to shine! The first is her painting of Savannah and then her painting of Tink.


If I remember correctly, this next challenge was "share a moment." This is a copy of one of my favorite photos that I used in a collage I made in Melody Ross's class at Serendipity. I knew I'd find a place for those little pages eventually! I've spread them throughout this project. You can see the full image and read more about why this moment is so special to me here. This week included our Council for Athletic Affairs e-board meeting in Tampa and a rescheduled surprise birthday party turned Benny's heart attack recovery party!


This next challenge was "make a pocket." I used some underpapers and random scraps and a pretty butterfly for some contrast. The pocket includes a couple tags I made and an entry from the Index Card a Day Challenge for Tammy at Daisy Yellow. This was the week of our state softball tournament. Three very long days of softball, but, dang those girls are some amazing athletes! The flaps on the right side fold out and include a couple of my favorite photos from the tournament.


The last challenge of the month was to "fill your page with numbers." Given the fact that I tend to hoard number and letter stickers, I had quite the stash to complete this challenge. I started with some random collage bits and pulled out my number stickers. Fun way to wrap up the month, and to wrap up this volume of the project since my first binder could only hold the first four months of the year! Now that we are officially into September, I'm actually on to binder number three! Be sure to check out this project and all the other great projects the Art to the 5th gals offer on their blog here. See all my 2016 Documented Life Project posts here.

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Monica said...

Really like your DLP, it is so unique. Have to admire you keeping up as it sounds like a busy year with many stresses.