Best Shot Monday: Brownie


Volunteering at an animal shelter can at times be a little sad and stressful; there would be nothing better than to see all those kennels empty because all those animals are in happy homes. But most times, for me at least, the shelter can be a very healing place. Nothing like a little loving on some pups to help your heart. I made it into the shelter for a bit one morning the week after my best friend died to do just that - spend a little time loving on some shelter pups to help sew my heart back up. 

This little gal, Brownie, was the only one I had a chance to photograph before it started raining that day, but she was the sweetest thing. She had some scarring from an embedded collar which you can just barely see in this photo, but she was just so full of love and affection. She reminded me about resilience. That's the thing about shelter dogs. For so many of them who come in as strays, we don't know their back story. For some who come in as owner surrenders or cruelty confiscations, we know some of their back story. But either way, who knows what they've really been through? Brownie had an embedded collar - frankly, to me it looks like it was a rope - so clearly she was not well cared for, yet she was still so clearly giving and seeking love to and from me. She was bouncing back, ready to jump back into life with a new family. There's a lesson in that for all of us, don't you think? Certainly was for me. Brownie is currently hanging out in a foster home waiting for her forever family. She's available for adoption through the City of Tallahassee Animal Service Center.  The shelter is currently open for adoptions by appointment!

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