Monday, January 7, 2008

Number 5 "What I Would Have...."

...loved to have for Christmas! Is your husband gift challenged? Mine is, and he'll be the first to admit it. Though he did very well with the slippers I've been hinting about for months. We have hardwood floors and my feet are always cold. I guess maybe my slip down the stairs in my socks (taking out Sarah on the way down) was a final hint that I needed something with a little more "stick". So over the next two weeks, I'm going to share with you the things I would have pointed my DH to had I had any sense before the holidays, in no particular order. Why didn't I think of this in November? :-)

This awesome pendant is by Bev Gallerani of Mango Tango Designs. Bev uses precious metal clay (PMC) in her designs. When working with PMC, after a molding and firing process, you end up with 99.9% pure silver. Sterling silver is a minimum of 92.5% silver with copper comprising the rest. I took a mini PMC class last summer and loved it. I'd love to play around with it more, you know, because I have so much time on my hands, right? In the meantime, I'll just lust after Bev's work. Check out her designs on her website or in her Etsy store. She's also a miniaturist. See her amazing little miniatures here. I might have to have one of these for the girls' dollhouse!

Creative Every Day 2008: I completely cleaned up my workshop yesterday. Trust me when I say it really needed it. I had papers and hardwood floor pieces all over from redoing the dollhouse. Add to that various bags of stuff from Joann's and Michael's and a pile of new gemstones from Nora and you really could not see much actual workbench anywhere. I didn't have any luck finding the camera batteries I've been missing, but I did find several sticks of chapstick and numerous barrettes the girls have been missing. Now that I've gotten rid of the clutter, I can get back to the creating.

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SurfacetoAirMedia said...

Where did you take your PMC class? I'd heard about that stuff only recently and it sounds amazing!

Kelly Warren said...

hey surface...I actually took it at a bead show in St. Augustine. One of the "Down the Street Bead Shows" show. think they have a show coming up this weekend! Not sure if they are doing classes.

ELLIE said...

I bought a beginner's kit of pmc - with all the bells and whistles...have been doing A LOT of research on different techniques and projects and such....did not want to try it until I have my craft area set up - right now I am in between too many
Thanks for sharing it all