Monday, April 28, 2008

Amber Alexander's Miss Kitty Hearing Things...

I've been collecting ACEO's for a while now (and one of these days I'm going to get them all out of the baby wipes box I have them stored in and do something fabulous with them...). I stumbed across artist Amber Alexander and fell in love with "Miss Kitty Hearing Things", pictured here. Reminded me of my dear sweet Kitty. Snagged her and a friend, a lovely kitty portrait of Mother Nature. Can't stand to have one lonely little ACEO from an artist. Must always have a least two (okay, or three or four....). When I sent Amber a note, she checked out the blog and sent me a note back asking "Is that you in those kooky self portraits?" and when I replied, "Yes, that would be me" all my pnuemonia-fighting drug-induced glory...she said, "Love it!" I always love people who can enjoy someone else making a fool out of herself. That typically means they have a little of that kookiness in them as well. And what's life without a little kookiness, or cats hearing things, now and then? Go check out Amber's work here!

The redheaded mermaids and I spent a lovely afternoon with my dear friend Wyanne and her daughter Logan and friends yesterday afternoon for Logan's birthday. We painted pictures, made shrink art jewerly, played "Who's got the button?" and "Don't Spill the Beans", decorated a butterfly cookie cake and cooled off with water balloons. Much fun. Wy's "wine husband" and 14-year-old son and friend were quite the troopers hanging out with us and helping out. If you are in need of some inspiration, whether artful or just about life in general, Wy has posted an incredibly inspiring video about following your dreams on her blog (she really does the coolest videos..check them all out). Check it out here. I feel very blessed to call her friend.

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